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Houston Weightlifting Championships

International Grade Competition Platform
USA Weightlifting National Scoring System
2020 Texas State Championships Qualifying Event 
DJ All Day
Date: September 2020
Registration:To Be Determined

USAW # Required:


Spectator Tickets: $5
T-Shirts: $20
Water ($1), Red Panda Boba Cold Brew ($3), Monster ($3), Coconut Water ($3) For Sale
Lunch: Red Panda Boba Korean BBQ Pork Bibimbap Bowls ($10)
- Rice Bowl with Sous Vide Berkshire Pork Shoulder with an assortment of Korean Style Pickled Vegetables

Best Lifter Prizes
Sponsored by Progenex and Athlete PS Nike Weightlifting

Each Session
Weigh In for Session: 2 hours before Lift Time, closes after 1 hour
Introductions at LIFT TIME.
1st Snatch of Session - 5 Minutes after Introductions
1st C/J of Session - 5 Minutes after Last Snatch of Session  
(Awards from previous session to be announced between Snatch & C/J)
IWF Lifting Rules and Regulations to be Upheld.